To users of the Alps Pointing-device driver (version 6 or earlier) for Windows® XP:
Precautions Regarding Upgrade from Windows® XP to Windows® Vista
Please note that the Alps driver (version 6 or earlier) for Windows® XP does not compatible with Windows® Vista.
(In certain situations where "Install Windows Vista" or "Check system compatibility" is being carried out, the Alps Touch Pad Utility may be displayed as a Windows® XP device driver which does not compatible with Windows® Vista).
Accordingly, we would ask that you refer to the following Remedial Measures and hope that you will continue to use our pointing devices in the future.

- Relevant Drivers
        Alps Pointing-device driver (version 6 or earlier) for Windows® XP
- Remedial Measures
  1. Update to a driver version which supports Windows® Vista (i.e.: version 7 or later)
    Before installing Windows® Vista, please uninstall the Alps Pointing-device driver (version 6 or earlier) for Windows® XP. And then install Windows® Vista and then the Alps Pointing-device driver (version 7 or later). Note that Version 7 and later versions provide the same functions as Version 6 or earlier for Windows® XP. To obtain an appropriate driver, please either download a driver from the homepage of the manufacturer of your current notebook computer or contact the manufacturer directly for advice. If a driver cannot be obtained in either of these ways, please use the PS/2 mouse driver which is standard for your OS (See below).
    *Please note that we supply device drivers only to original equipment manufacturers.

  2. Replacement with the OS standard PS/2 mouse driver
    The Alps Pointing-device will continue to operate normally even if the corresponding driver is replaced with the PS/2 mouse driver standard for your OS (specifically, the Alps Pointing-device will operate in the same manner as a two button mouse). To replace the pointing device driver in this way, simply carry out Windows® Vista Installation as normal: Replacement of the current driver with the OS standard mouse driver will be carried out automatically.